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About Us is just a last piece of our story. We have been leading online seller in EU for the last 12 years. We were pioneers in selling full spectrum of high quality peptides from our partners since 2011  and we were one of the few that first saw the potential of the SARMs and provided to our customers products of our friends and

After many high quality brands, that we used to work with – Alpha, Malay, Magnus and others.. could not survive the attacks of the authorities and disappeared, we are proud that we can offer - a brand that any dedicated in bodybuilding athlete can trust, because of the quality and purity of their products.

Our main goal is to satisfy every customer, so we keep in stock many brands and products, that are requested by you. Feel free to request a product that you need, we will do anything that we can to find it for you. Also, the reason we are still here after 12 years is that safety and security stands in first place. Your personal data is safe with us.

If you are planning a bigger order, do not hesitate to contact us about discounts, we will create personal discounts plan for every customer.

Contact us: [email protected]