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Aromasin (exemestan) 30tabs 25mg

Aromasin (exemestan) 30tabs 25mg
Aromasin (exemestan) 30tabs 25mg

Aromasin has the ability to increase free Testosterone and IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) levels in the body. Because of this, this drug is also very useful during PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) regimes when one is trying to restore natural Testosterone production levels in order to avoid a post cycle "crash". Since one of the main goals of PCT is getting estro under control, the very last thing you want is a big estro spike right at the end. Aromasin prevents this from occurring, keeping estrogen under control, preventing rebound and getting you on the right track to a full and efficient recovery

Type-I Aromatase Inhibitor
Aromasin (Exemestane) is a Type-I aromatase inhibitor, or suicidal aromatase inhibitor. It’s called this because it lowers estrogen production in the body by attaching to the aromatase enzyme, and permanently deactivating it. It averages 90% rate of estrogen suppression, which equals a reduction in estradiol levels of about 50%, as well as significantly raising testosterone .(up to 60%)
Aromasin not only increases testosterone and lowers estrogen, but it also increases levels of insulin -like growth Factor (IGF). And Aromasin is not too harsh on lipid panel (cholesterol), unlike some of the other AIs’ like Letrozole .(Femara) Aromasin reaches steady blood plasma levels of after a week of administration, and this is also when we see it begin its maximal effect on reducing circulating estrogen levels. It has a terminal half life of 9 hours in MEN, so taking it once per day will build up blood plasma levels to a very effective level.
Also, there have been some additional researches related to Aromasin in men in pharmacokinetics. The results of the research are the following:
24 hours after one 25mg dose, estrogen levels are reduced by 70-80%;
72 hours later estrogen levels are still 40% below the baseline;
120 hours after initial dose, estrogen levels return to baseline.


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