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Brand: Actavis Model: Anastrozole 1mg 30tabs
Actavis anastrozole 1 mg film-coated tablets contain a substance called anastrozole. It belongs to a group of medicines called "aromatase inhibitors". Actavis Anastrozole 1 mg tablets used for the treatment of breast cancer in women who have gone through menopause...
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Brand: Actavis Model: Finasteride 30 x 5mg
DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: The prostate gland is located around the tube which empties urine from the bladder (urethra). As the prostate gland enlarges, usually after 50 years of age, it can obstruct or partially block the urine flow. This leads to symptoms which include dribbling of u..
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Brand: Anfarm Model: Clomiphene citrate 50mg 24 tabs
Clomiphene citrate is an post cycle steroid, this drug is also known as Clomid.Clomiphene Citrate is not an anabolic/androgenic steroid. Since it is a synthetic estrogen it belongs, however, to the group of sex hormones. In school medicine Clomiphene Citrate is normally used to trigger ovulation. Cl..
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Model: Exemestan 30tabs 25mg
Aromasin has the ability to increase free Testosterone and IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) levels in the body. Because of this, this drug is also very useful during PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) regimes when one is trying to restore natural Testosterone production levels in order to avoid a post cy..
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Bayer Proviron 25mg 20 tabs
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Brand: Bayer Model: Proviron 25mg 20 tabs
Proviron is a synthetic, orally effective androgen which does not have any anabolic characteristics. Proviron is used in school medicine to ease or cure disturbances caused by a deficiency of male sex hormones. Many athletes, for this reason, often use Proviron at the end of a steroid treatment in o..
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Brand: Buen Poder Model: Clomiphene 32Tabs 50mg
Clomiphene is designed to induce ovulation in treatments of fertility, sterility in men, menstrual abnormalities, fibrocystic breasts and persistent breast milk production.Presentation:Each blister contains 32 tablets of 50mg.LAB TEST:
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Indicaciones:El Exemestano, es una sustancia usada para tratar el cáncer de mama.Presentación:Cada blíster contiene 32 tabletas de 25mg.LAB TEST:
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Brand: Buen Poder Model: Letrozol 32tabs 2.5mg
Indications:Letrozole is a substance that belongs to the group of aromatase inhibitors for the treatment of hormonally-sensitive breast cancer after surgery. This aromatase inhibitor has the function of decreasing total estrogen levels in the woman's body.Presentation:Each blister contains 32 tablet..
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Brand: Buen Poder Model: Mesterolona 32tab х 25mg
Indications:Mesterolone is indicated for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions associated with the low levels of natural testosterone (oligospermia) that man should produce, as well as in males suffering from gynecomastia. Thanks to Mesterolone should increase libido and improve or solve possible cas..
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Brand: Buen Poder Model: BUEN PODER TAMOXIFENO
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Model: choriomon
pharma grade donadotrophin 5000iu..
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Model: Dosti 0.5mg
INDICATIONS:DOSTI Tablets are indicated for the treatment of hyperprolactinemic disorders, either idiopathic or due to pituitary adenomas.DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION:The recommended dosage of DOSTI Tablets for initiation of therapy is 0.25 mg twice a week. Dosage may be increased by 0.25 mg twice week..
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