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Brand: Actavis Model: spironolactone
actavis - spironolactone ( aldactone) 30x25mg..
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Brand: Actavis Model: Anastrozole 1mg 30tabs
Actavis anastrozole 1 mg film-coated tablets contain a substance called anastrozole. It belongs to a group of medicines called "aromatase inhibitors". Actavis Anastrozole 1 mg tablets used for the treatment of breast cancer in women who have gone through menopause...
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Brand: Actavis Model: Finasteride 30 x 5mg
DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: The prostate gland is located around the tube which empties urine from the bladder (urethra). As the prostate gland enlarges, usually after 50 years of age, it can obstruct or partially block the urine flow. This leads to symptoms which include dribbling of u..
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Brand: Actavis Model: Furanthril 12 x 40mg
Furanthril is powerful pharmagrade diuretic..
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Brand: Actavis Model: Metfodiab 1000mg
 METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE helps treat diabetes by reducing the amount of sugar you absorb from the food you eat. It also reduces the amount of sugar made by your liver. Glucophage® increases your body's response to insulin and this helps to keep your blood sugar in control...
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